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  • Borobudur Temple

    Borobudur is one of the greatest Buddhist monuments in the world. Founded by a king of the Saliendra dynasty, it was built to honour the glory of both the Buddha and its founder, a true king Bodhisattva.

  • Beach Charm of Indonesia

    Indonesia has thousands of islands, so that Indonesia has a multi-million beach is very charming and has a very high value tourism.

  • Tanah Lot

    Tanah Lot is one of the populer tourism object in Bali. The temple is on the edge of the beach on the small rock island facing to Indonesian ocean.

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Sabtu, 04 Desember 2010

Raja Ampat Archipelago

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The archipelago is a place that has the potential to serve as a tourist attraction, especially diving tourism. Raja Ampat Islands waters according to various sources, is one of the 10 best waters for diving sites around the world. In fact, it may also be recognized as number one for the completeness of underwater flora and fauna at this time.

Dr. John Veron, coral experienced experts from Australia, for example, in a site it is revealed, the Raja Ampat Islands located in the westernmost tip of New Guinea, about 50 miles northwest of Sorong, has the best reef areas in Indonesia. Approximately 450 species of coral had been identified during the two weeks of research in the area.

A team of experts from Conservation International, The Nature Conservancy, and National Oceanographic Institutions (Lon) Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) have done a quick assessment in 2001 and 2002. As a result, they noted in these waters there are more than 540 species of hard corals (75% of the total species in the world), more than 1,000 species of reef fish, 700 types of mollusks, and the highest record for gonodactyloid stomatopod crustaceans. This makes 75% of the world's coral species in Raja Ampat. None of the places with the same area has a number of coral species as much as this.

There are several areas of coral reefs that are still very good condition with the percentage of live coral cover to 90%, namely in the Dampier Strait (the strait between P. Waigeo and P. Batanta), Kofiau Islands, Islands and South East Misool Wayag Islands. Types of coral reefs in Raja Ampat is generally fringing reef with gentle slope to steep contour. But it was also found atoll type and type of burns or taka. In some places like the village Saondarek, when the lowest tides, coral reefs can be seen without a dive and with his own adaptation, the corals can still be alive despite being in the open air and direct sunlight.

Carstensz Pyramid

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For mountain climbers, climb the mountain range Jayawijaya and Sudirman (Carstensz Pyramide), Irian Jaya, is a dream. Imagine, on one mountain peak there is the highest point in Indonesia. Carstensz Pyramide (4884 masl) save a lot of uniqueness and challenges. Not only because of the snow-covered peak in the tropics but including a row of 7 (seven) peak continent.
Do not be surprised if the hiker-climber's top world-class racing to climb the highest peak in Australasia this. No less than the climber Heinrich Harrer whose life is played by Brad Pitt in Seven Years In Tibet became the first person to climb the Carstensz Pyramid. Then the first climber Reinhold Messner The 14 peaks above 8,000 meters.
Pat Morrow who launched the Carstensz Pyramid as one of the seven peaks in seven continents of this earth. Irian was part of the continent of Australasia he said. This resulted in world-class climbers, hikers in droves to follow in his footsteps including Everest climber Junko Tabei the first woman ever to touch the top of this.
Unfortunately, the procedure permits to possess, make a lot of climbers have thought better to berekspedisi. Moreover, the central mountainous region of Irian Jaya, was closed to climbing since the kidnapping case in Mapenduma 1995 to 1996.
Among mountain climbers in Indonesia there is satire about climbing the mountain in Irian Jaya. "It's harder than taking care of his permission to climb the mountain," they complained. Permission mountaineering - mainly to Carstensz Pyramide - in Irian Jaya is complicated and unclear. There is no valid license is a piece of mail such as climbing in Nepal, where climbers are given a kind of passport complete sheet with photos and captions to climb the peak height of how many permits in the area where.
In Nepal as successful and may submit any proof of the Tourism Ministry which handles these permits were issued a certificate of successful climbers. This ambiguity - something that usually happens during the New Order - for years to survive with classical reason, security.Galina Donikara, a senior Wanadri mention to climb this mountain must have a recommendation from the Office Affairs, Chief of Police, BIA - Indonesian intelligence, Menhutbun / PKA, PT Freeport Indonesia (PT-FI).
If you want to pass Tembagapura plus the Indonesian Rock Climbing Federation (FPTI). It all must be managed in Jakarta. Then in Jayapura, the recommendations of Bakorstanasda and Police Chief should be bagged. In Timika, PT Freeport Indonesia's recommendation for EPO and permit passage facilities.
"Last in Tembagapura, coordination with the Emergency Response Group (ERG) for the handling of the Emergency Procedure and apparatus Satgaspam to track security issues," explained mountain climber who had joined in the expedition Indonesia - Everest '97 this. Galina reach Carstensz Pyramid summit with the Chinese team in the early years of this Millennium. Together with several civil and military climbers, they use the route via Tembagapura Timika to reach base camp.
If passed Nabire, a letter from Police Bakorstanasda and Irian Jaya should be reported to the police station and Kodim Paniai Nabire, both of which exist in the town of Nabire. Then last in Ilaga, all letters of recommendation given to the local Tripika (Ilaga), namely police, Koramil and sub-district heads.
But wait, the three leaders would decide whether or not to continue the expedition climbers. It all depends on the security situation at that time. If there is no danger that could threaten the safety of climbers such as tribal warfare, the climber can begin. Well that's a long list of letters of recommendation to climb the roof of Indonesia. Complicated and troublesome.Hertadi Mas Bambang, adventurers and seasoned long-distance cyclists, had thought better to berekspedisi to the top of Carstensz Pyramide, because of the difficulty of taking care of that climb permission. Paimo, Bambang close calls, preferring to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, the continent of Africa for the expedition in 1987. "Mending all the outside (the country), yet the cost and difficult process of licensing is relatively not much different," he commented Paimo time.
Most of the mountain guides, professional climber up to class amateurs, had to swallow disappointment. In fact according to them, a lot of foreign tourists who want to reach white snow in the tropics. Paradise Earth vertigo political problem is also undermining efforts to make the Carstensz Pyramid and Sudirman mountains as a tourist destination that could be the mainstay of Papua. For some people, Carstensz is a source of sustenance for itself and have a high selling price.
Scarcity of information about the two mountains that also makes the interest in climbing the mountain in Irian Jaya - mainly Carstensz Pyramide - have subsided in the middle of the road. Except, for the climbers that sufficient funding and experience. Not many books "output" their own country which is really telling the pleasure of adventuring to reach the roof of Indonesia. At most, only some form of writing the results of the expedition to get there.

Tolire Lake

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Tolire Lake is a lake located in Ternate, North Maluku. The lake is located about 10 km from the central city of Ternate, in addition to the unique shape also has an interesting legend. Lake Tolire be under the foot of Mount Gamalama, the highest volcano in North Maluku. The lake itself consists of two pieces. Local people call it the Great Lakes and Lake Tolire Tolire Small. The distance between them is only about 200 meters.

From both these lakes, the Great Lakes Tolire has its own uniqueness. This lake resembles a giant pan. From the top to the edge of the lake water surface with a depth of about 50 meters wide and about 5 hectares. While the depth of the lake itself is so far unknown. Until now no one has measured the depth of this lake. But according to ancestral stories, miles deep and deal directly with the sea.

Tolire fresh water in the Great Lakes is home to various kinds of fish. However, local residents no one dares to catch fish or bathe in the lake. They believe that the lake where the water is yellowish brown, the crocodile inhabited by many demons.

Another uniqueness of this lake is that throw something into the lake, however the strength of the throw by using stone or other object, for example, will never touch the water of the lake. And when the throw from the edge of the lake, the lake looks under the feet of the thrower. Perhaps those who first visited the lake, would not believe the facts.

However, they may try to throw it after buying the stone that many are sold in the lake at Rp 1,000 for the five seed stone. So far, no one was able to throw the stones to touch the surface of the lake water.

According to local residents, many treasures are stored at the base of the Great Lakes Tolire. This treasure belongs to the people when the Portuguese ruled the Sultanate of Ternate Ternate the 15th century. Community Ternate was a lot of waste of valuable property into the lake so as not deprived of the Portuguese army.

Manakarra Beach

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In the City of Mamuju, capital of West Sulawesi province, there is a place for a fairly busy travel visited by the tourists, namely Manakarra Coast region. This beach is part of the Gulf of Mamuju, Stone Harbor is a place that became the central nexus in the City of Mamuju.

For local communities, Cote Manakarra identical to hangout or gathering of young people. But many also came to visit the beach for recreation with family. Seeing the high interest from visitors to this coast, West Sulawesi Provincial Government plans to develop the region as one Manakarra Coast tourism mainstay in the province.

Since the long beach famous Manakarra as "Losarinya" (Losari Makassar) Mamuju. It is no exaggeration, considering the Beach Manakarra really have an enchanting panoramic beauty of the beach. Exotic scenery is charming with increased background Karampuang island that lay in plain sight.

At night, the beach is adorned with lights flashing red ferry boat that will go to Port Mamuju and that will be heading to Aberdeen. Illumination is much more fun when interspersed with coffee or enjoy the warmth of the fresh fruit is served in coconut stalls along the beach.

An annual event held at Beaches Manakarra usually held on the Anniversary of Mamuju and independence days there in August. In the year 2007, for example, never held a party of eight tonnes of fish, grilled fresh fish over the coals of fire along the 4300 meters at this beach. In addition, in August also commonly held boat races that began in Côte Sandeq Manakarra and ends at Losari (Southeast Sulawesi). In the boat race Sandeq, this beach will be crowded by competitors and spectators who come from various regions in Indonesia and even from abroad.

Along the shore, there are stalls that sell various foods and beverages, such as soup, fried rice, grilled fish, grilled chicken, soft drinks, and various other foods. As for lodging, on the beach is not yet available hotels and inns. However, for tourists who want to enjoy the sunrise should bring equipment for camping tents around this beach.

Wakatobi National Park

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Sea waters of eastern Indonesia today is still the world's best coral triangle. One is the Wakatobi National Park in Buton, Southeast Sulawesi. In the region, algae, shrimp, and plankton are available abundantly. When the ground force goes, "where there is sugar, there is an ant", then at sea in force is "where there is plankton, there would gather a lot of fish."

It is not surprising that the area became the location of "favorite" several species of fish in finding food. One type of fish that frequent travel to Wakatobi is the sperm whale (physeter macrocephalus). The giant mammals are known to move where when looking for food, between the Indian Ocean to the Pacific Ocean. Perhaps because of its large size, the pope took the feed in large numbers as well.

Normally, sperm whales flock located in the Wakatobi in November, while the other hemisphere frozen. In the relatively warmer waters of Wakatobi and abundance of food that could satiate the stomach herd of whales. At that moment, the sea monster assembled. Why is it called sea mustard? Because the sperm whale with characteristics similar to sperm-shaped white spots on the head was included in the order Cetacea, which in Greek means the sea monster.

In addition to sperm whales, the waters of Wakatobi also inhabited by another sea monster. For example, manta rays (manta ray) that belong to his body size and shape like a giant sea monster. Manta rays are one type of fish that distinctive and unique, which is only found in tropical waters.

Concerning marine biodiversity, scale and condition of corals, Wakatobi occupy one of the highest priority position of marine conservation in Indonesia. It is also an important part in a network that meets each of the Marine Protected Areas along the southeast coast of Sulawesi. With a total area reached 1.39 million hectares, this park includes the islands Perfume-scented, Kaledupa, Tomia, and Binongko.

Wakatobi National Park has the potential of marine natural resources that both types of high value and uniqueness, with stunning panoramic underwater. In general, sea water has a flat configuration from the start until the sloping toward the sea, and in some areas there is a rugged steep waters. The depth of the water varies. The deepest reaches 1044 meters with a floor of most of the sandy and rocky.

Wakatobi has 25 pieces with clusters of coral reefs around the coast of coral islands along the 600 km. More than 112 coral species from 13 families including Acropora formosa, A. hyacinthus, Psammocora profundasafla, Pavona cactus, Leptoseris yabei, Fungia molucensis, Lobophyllia robusta, Merulina ampliata, Platygyra versifora, Euphyllia glabrescens, Tubastraea frondes, Stylophora pistillata, throchelliophorum Sarcophyton, and Sinularia spp.

According to official sources in the Ministry of Forestry, Wakatobi least inhabited by 93 species of fish consumption and trade in ornamental fish, including spot argus (Cephalopholus argus), takhasang (naso unicornis), pogo-pogo (Balistoides viridescens), napoleon (Cheilinus undulatus), fish red (Lutjanus biguttatus), baronang (Siganus guttatus), Amphiprion melanopus, Chaetodon specullum, Chelmon rostratus, Heniochus acuminatus, Lutjanus monostigma, Caesio caerularea, and others.

In addition there are several species of sea birds such as goose-brown stone (Sula leucogaster plotus), kettle melayu (Charadrius peronii), king prawn erasia (Alcedo atthis), there are also three species of sea turtles that often landed on islands in the Park: hawksbill turtle (Eretmochelys imbricata), turtle jars (Caretta caretta), and turtle (Lepidochelys olivacea).

The indigenous people who live around this park is a sea or a tribe called the Bajau tribe. According to the records of ancient Chinese and European explorers, boating humans are capable of being explored Merqui Islands, Johor, Singapore, Sulawesi and the Sulu Archipelago. From the whole human boating in Southeast Asia that still have traditional boating culture is the Bajau tribe. Their daily life is quite unique and interesting, especially their ability to dive into the ocean without diving equipment and tools to spear fish.

Hoga Island (Resort Kaledupa), Binongko Island (Resort Binongko), and Resort Tamia, is an interesting location to visit, especially for diving, snorkeling, marine tourism, swimming, camping, tourism and culture. The best season to visit this island is in April to June and October to December each year.

To reach the site, visitors can go from Kendari to smells with fast boats that operate regular twice daily, with a long trip or five hours every day with a timber ship for 12 hours. From smells to Lasalimu visitors can ride four-wheeled vehicle for two hours, then climb aboard the fast-Wanci Lasalimu for an hour or Lasalimu-Wanci wooden boat for 2.5 hours. Wanci is the first gate into the Wakatobi National Park area.

Tempe Lake

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Lake Tempe is one of the attractions in South Lake is located 7 km from the town of Sengkang, capital Wajo yangbanyak visited by tourists, both domestic and foreign. Danauyang extent of 13,000 hectares of this, when viewed from ketinggiantampak like a giant basin. The lake has become sumberpenghidupan, looking for fish, not only for society KabupatenWajo, but also some community members and Sidrap Soppeng District. Along the shores of the lake, looking nuanced Bugisberjejer fishing village overlooking the lake.
Tempe Lake is the largest freshwater fish producer in the world, because it saves a lot of bottom fish food sources. In addition, this lake also has a freshwater fish species that are not dapatditemui elsewhere. This is expected because the location danauini are right above the Australian continental plate and Asia.

During the middle of Lake Tempe, looking houseboat owned nelayanyang hundreds lined with decorated with colorful flags. Dariatas houseboat that, tourists can watch the sun rise danterbenamnya in a similar position, as well as wildlife menyaksikanberagam birds, flowers, grass and water that floats above the water surface. At night, visitors dapatmenyaksikan beautiful moon that illuminated the Lake Tempe sambilmemancing fish.

August 23, held every sea festival or also seringdisebut Maccera Tappareng (purify the lake) is marked denganpemotongan cow, led by chairman of the local fishermen. In acaraini, visitors can see various tourist attractions boiling interesting, like the traditional boat races, boat decorative, folk games (eg, race kites), the selection of ana? virgin (girl) and kallolona (youth) Land Wajo, padendang (beating the mortar), performances of traditional music and dance played Bissu olehpara transvestites, and various traditional performances lainnya.Pelaksanaan festival is intended to feel kinship danpersatuan among fellow fishermen to stay awake with the principle ? 3-S?, namely Sipakatau, Sipakainge, and Sipakalebbi (mutual respect, salingmenasehati, and mutual respect). By witnessing this festival, the end to find out about the culture of the Bugis people of South diSulawesi, especially Bugis Wajo.

Osean Park Bunaken

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Osean Park Bunaken being in Kel.Bunaken District Park about 7 miles from the Port of Manado which can be reached in 35 minutes from downtown by boat motors. At first Bunaken is a coral island (atoll). It covers an area of about 887.5 hectares with slightly wavy morphology conditions. Bunaken National Marine Park is one of the most beautiful in the world. Most of the coastal area consists of mangrove forests and white sand. Sea there are hard and soft coral reefs, steep rock walls, with various shapes and colors of marine life including fish are sharks, turtles, Mandarin Fish, sea horses, stingrays, and the famous King of the Sea is an ancient fish (Coleacant) and there are many more who form a beautiful marine park. The beauty of the marine park can be seen in locations called Lekuan 1, 2, and 3, Fukui, Mandolin, Cape Paragi, Ron's Point, Sachiko Point, Pangalisang, Home Village, and East Park. Sea where tourism and marine tourism with excursions object, namely the sea and the beach. Tourism activities that can be done, be enjoying the park by way sigtseeing (round) glass boat (catamaran), snorkeling (swim wear a respirator), diving (diving), and underwater photography (underwater photos), as well as sunbathing and sightseeing agency beach. The facilities provided at the Bunaken marine park, which is filled with boats, diving center, cottage (inn) restaurant, hall, and souvenir kiosks.

The beauty of flora and fauna below the surface of the Bunaken Marine Park in North Sulawesi's Manado Bay has worldwide. Especially after the Sail Bunaken 2009 was held. Tourists began to arrive in droves to prove that beauty. Marine Tourism Bunaken Marine Park in Manado Gulf at the expanse of the sea area of 887.5 hectares. Beneath the surface of the sea, there are about 200 species of fish. Start the Neon fish, Butterfly fish, Coral fish, Napoleon fish, and so forth. In addition there are various shapes and colors of coral reefs and other marine biota.

The beauty of the fauna was added again, the existence of the caves, tunnels, curves and crevices. There's even an appeal that is rarely found in other places is a decrease in coral wall terjal.Untuk enjoy the beauty of the underwater surface of the Bunaken Marine Park, could use a semi-submersible vessel found off the coast of Bunaken Island. The semi-submersible vessel in which there are walls of glass. Dindin Through-wall glass, could menikmat life and beauty under the sea. Good variety of fish, coral reefs, and other marine biota.

No less interesting is also the beauty above sea level, as well as complement the beauty of Bunakan Marine Park that is under sea level. One is the five islands surrounding the area of Bunaken Marine National Park. Each island of Bunaken, Siladen, Manado Tua, Nain and Mantehage. On the island there Mantehage Bajo tribe.

Wera Tourist Park

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Wera Park is one of the famous attractions in Central Sulawesi. At first, the existing tourism potential in this area is Waterfall Wera and secondary forest. In 1980, this area became a tourist park established by the Decree of the Minister of Agriculture Number: 843/Kpts/Um/11/1980 November 25, 1980, with area of 250 hectares. Geographically, this park is located between 1o2 '- 1o3' South Latitude and between 119o 50 '- 119o 51' East Longitude. The area is located at an altitude between 150 meters - 800 meters above sea level (asl) has a hilly topography and steep slope with a slope between 60% to 90%. Among these hills are steep, there is a narrow valley which is the river flow Wera.
The tourists can not only enjoy the cool air and see the beauty of water falling from the cliff with a height of about 100 meters. However, tourists can also perform a variety of exciting tourist activities, such as bathing or swimming in the river where the water is cool Wera; climb the mountain to the top of the hill in the vicinity of the waterfall while enjoying the beautiful scenery, camping on the flat area in the north and in top of the hill near the hamlet Ngatapapu; and photo hunting natural beauty around the waterfall and the surrounding community life.
The tourists can also witness the diversity of flora and fauna that live in this area. Flora that grow in this region, such as: walnut / ntoli (Canarium aspermun), Bintangur (callophylum sp.), Lebanu (nauclea sp.), Banyan (ficus benyamina), lei (palagulum javanicum), as well as some epiphytic plants, such as orchid soil, and nest fern (asplenium nidus). The fauna species that live in this region, among others: the black monkey (Macaca tonkeana), hornbills / allo (Aceros cassiddix), jungle fowl (Gallus Gallus), crows (Corvus sp.), Wild boar (sus colobensis), deer (cervus timorencis), blue parrot's head (Trichoglossus omatus), and yellow-crested cockatoo (Cacatua sulphurea).
For tourists who want to enjoy the atmosphere of a different nature, not far from the garden tour (about 2 km) there is a natural tourist hot water bathing Mantikole. The tourists can make this hot water bathing Mantikole a package tour with Park Wera, so that the journey of the tourists is more varied and enjoyable.
To achieve Wera Regions Park is not difficult, because there is asphalt road linking the city of Palu (capital of Central Sulawesi), with the villages around tourist sites, such as Balumpewa Village which is about 1 km from the highway. From Palu leading to the village, a distance of 19 km Balumpewa, can be reached by using public transport or chartered in about 45 minutes. Furthermore, from the village of Balumpewa to the location of the waterfall which is 2 km, can be reached by foot.

Batu Hapu Caves

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Hapu Batu Hapu Caves is a tourist attraction located near the market Binuang precisely in the village of Batu Hapu, sub Hatungun, Tapin that can be taken 43 km from the town of Rantau and 154 km from the city of Banjarmasin. Goa Batu Hapu of Binuang market entry as far as 16 km with a road that is good enough, followed by a leisurely stroll while enjoying the scenery of rural life and the natural feel of the mountains for 30 minutes, this cave is located in the mountains so that have a hobby of rock climbing challenges here that nerve was tested, but at their own risk because it has not been insured, the communities around the cave ready to partner with tourists who prefer to spend the night while enjoying food and life of rural communities.

Batu Hapu Caves is a cave that has a remarkable panorama that has adorned the stalagmites and stalagmites in the cave that can inspire greatness of Almighty God in His creation as subjects of natural knowledge, this cave has been getting a touch of repair and arrangement, the Local Government in respect of damage caused greed of unscrupulous people who only pursue economic gain for a moment without grateful for another blessing provided by nature.

According to the legend that until now a local myth about the origin of Batu Raden Hapu  Caves this is the bride who was cursed by his mother, Diang Ingsun be among the fragments of stone and his ship into the mountains and caves that exist today.

Lamaru Beach

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Balikpapan Lamaru Beach can be reached in just thirty minutes from downtown with their own vehicle, but it could take a taxi an hour-Manggar majors Dam (taxi is the name for pete-pete in Balikpapan). For young children who prefer to ride motorcycles and a little racing-race, the trip can be taken approximately twenty minutes. By speeding, save time indeed; but be careful, after the airport road Sepinggan pretty noisy too, especially near markets and market Sepinggan Batakan afternoon.

From downtown to the beach Lamaru Balikpapan, we can get through and Iswahyudi Sudirman street, can also be via the Ring Road. The two lines met near the airport Sepinggan. Then we can along the straight path towards good enough or Senipah Semboja. Approximately fifteen miles from the airport, after passing through the complex's air force and several companies which were very popular in the world of mining, oil and gas that lined the sides of the street, there turn to the right. And after passing a gate "Welcome", unkempt and "checkpoint" where to buy entrance fee of Rp 1,000 per person, we will enter the road unpaved and bumpy. Well that's the way to the beach Lamaru.

This beach is quite long stretches about two miles from the direction toward Tertitip Batakan. At low tide, the vast stretch of sand toward the sea. With a very gently sloping contours and the sea is shallow with a sandy bottom about a few hundred feet from the shore line, this place during low tide can be a field to play ball, beach volley, or where a temple-candian sand. Along the coast Lamaru after a sandy beach, covered by trees that shade. Under these trees stalls or thatched palm leaves along the coastal road lined its coast Lamaru. Shops are generally selling food to the main menu such as chicken rice, soto banjar, or grilled fish which of course comes with a variety of different flavors of juice. What is interesting for fans of young coconut, almost all the stalls on the beach Lamaru sell a fairly fresh young coconut. With the money of five thousand dollars, you can enjoy the young coconut, it's up to want to use ice, sugar, or even with red sugar from Sulawesi.

These stalls also provide equipment needed by the visitors. If you like playing ball in the sand, the beach ball of the foot Lamaru already available for rent at corner stores, or also sold at the beach. If you want to swim in the sea, already available tires that can also be rented. Even to sit lesehan while enjoying boiled peanuts or corn, you can rent a mat measuring 2 × 2 meters only with the money of five thousand dollars and you can wear them until satisfied. If you could swim in the sea and have prepared a replacement clothes, behind the stalls there are a few wells of fresh water for bathing as well as small insulated chamber is simple to change clothes, sekatnya some of the old cloth banners. For Muslims, if you spend all day there, please feel free to borrow a corner shop to a place of prayer, or you may go to mushalla which is located near the exit. Anyway it was almost there!

What is unique is the boat on the beach Lamaru bike. Because of the shallow sea water and small waves of water especially during low tide, then the population of around Lamaru make a small boat that can be run in a way dikayuh like a bicycle. On the left-right or in the middle of this small boat propeller, or rather the mill, which is coupled with the pedal shaft earlier. With the pedal as when cycling, then the boat will move forward. Do not worry, the boat will not move straight ahead only, because in the back of the roll had been prepared as a referral. Anyway, the owner of the boat will accompany passengers to travel back to the beach. Funny thing is, there is no difference from the boats except the bike model and color alone, because almost all of them do not have names as well as small boats fishing in general. But the friendliness of the owners and the uniqueness of paddling in the water will tempt you to try it. By simply paying Rp20.000 for one round, you are with family and friends can ride this bike boat and will be invited around on the beach for a few dozen minutes.

There are several models of this bicycle boat. Based on the number of passengers, there is a bike with a passenger boat of about six to seven people, and there berpenumpang about three people, including pengayuhnya. To maintain balance and manipulate the speed, there are bicycle boat made of two bodies and some are using the side floaters that resemble the traditional boat Sandeq palatto in Mandar. Examples of bicycle boat made two entities are owned Mudir, a child who is still Bugis in one elementary school. Each home school, this kid will be back "on duty" at the beach Lamaru to drive a boat bike.

The number of boats on the shore bike Lamaru about twenty-five and generally their owners an average of the Bugis people (in Balikpapan, the Bugis are usually aimed at anyone who comes from South Sulawesi and West, so there are Bugis, Bugis Makassar, Bugis and others Mandar .)

Tanjung Putting National Park

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Tanjung Putting was originally a game preserve and wildlife reserves with total area of 305 000 ha established by the Dutch on June 13, 1936. Then, on May 12, 1984 by the Ministry of Forestry, Tanjung Putting National Park area designated as a 415 040 ha. Geographically situated between 2 ° 35'-3 ° 20 'latitude and 111 ° 50'-112 ° 15' E covering an area of Kumai district in the West and in the district Kotawaringin Hanau and Seruyan Seruyan Downstream in the District. West Kotawaringin Government has prepared a land use zone in the region with an area of 14,000 ha for development and construction of tourism facilities. Tanjung Putting National Park was originally the Tanjung Putting Wildlife Reserve established by the Dutch East Indies colonial government in the year 1936/1937 covering an area of 305,000 ha for the protection of orang-utan (Pongo pygmaeus) and bekantan (Nasalis larvatus).

Tanjung Putting National Park is a tourist destination forest park which is located in Central Kalimantan, on the peninsula that juts out into the Java Sea. Tanjung Putting National Park is home to various wildlife, including orangutans, monkeys, birds and other wildlife. In the vicinity of this park you will see many different animals, feel the fresh air is still pure, see the clear night sky and see the lives of wild animals that may have been difficult to find.

Orangutans are one of the most popular wild animal in this national park and orang-utans is possible for the Orangutan Conservation Research Program based at Camp Leakey research station. In addition to enjoying the fresh air around this park, you can also learn more about how to protect endangered species from the island of Borneo.

Support large populations of various species of animals, Tanjung Putting National Park became one of the most important areas in Southeast Asia for the conservation of primates, birds, reptiles and fish. In this national park has eight monkeys including bekantan with the typical long nose. Or you can also see the crocodiles. And a variety of colors and the melodious chirping of the 220 species of birds.