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Sabtu, 04 Desember 2010

Carstensz Pyramid

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For mountain climbers, climb the mountain range Jayawijaya and Sudirman (Carstensz Pyramide), Irian Jaya, is a dream. Imagine, on one mountain peak there is the highest point in Indonesia. Carstensz Pyramide (4884 masl) save a lot of uniqueness and challenges. Not only because of the snow-covered peak in the tropics but including a row of 7 (seven) peak continent.
Do not be surprised if the hiker-climber's top world-class racing to climb the highest peak in Australasia this. No less than the climber Heinrich Harrer whose life is played by Brad Pitt in Seven Years In Tibet became the first person to climb the Carstensz Pyramid. Then the first climber Reinhold Messner The 14 peaks above 8,000 meters.
Pat Morrow who launched the Carstensz Pyramid as one of the seven peaks in seven continents of this earth. Irian was part of the continent of Australasia he said. This resulted in world-class climbers, hikers in droves to follow in his footsteps including Everest climber Junko Tabei the first woman ever to touch the top of this.
Unfortunately, the procedure permits to possess, make a lot of climbers have thought better to berekspedisi. Moreover, the central mountainous region of Irian Jaya, was closed to climbing since the kidnapping case in Mapenduma 1995 to 1996.
Among mountain climbers in Indonesia there is satire about climbing the mountain in Irian Jaya. "It's harder than taking care of his permission to climb the mountain," they complained. Permission mountaineering - mainly to Carstensz Pyramide - in Irian Jaya is complicated and unclear. There is no valid license is a piece of mail such as climbing in Nepal, where climbers are given a kind of passport complete sheet with photos and captions to climb the peak height of how many permits in the area where.
In Nepal as successful and may submit any proof of the Tourism Ministry which handles these permits were issued a certificate of successful climbers. This ambiguity - something that usually happens during the New Order - for years to survive with classical reason, security.Galina Donikara, a senior Wanadri mention to climb this mountain must have a recommendation from the Office Affairs, Chief of Police, BIA - Indonesian intelligence, Menhutbun / PKA, PT Freeport Indonesia (PT-FI).
If you want to pass Tembagapura plus the Indonesian Rock Climbing Federation (FPTI). It all must be managed in Jakarta. Then in Jayapura, the recommendations of Bakorstanasda and Police Chief should be bagged. In Timika, PT Freeport Indonesia's recommendation for EPO and permit passage facilities.
"Last in Tembagapura, coordination with the Emergency Response Group (ERG) for the handling of the Emergency Procedure and apparatus Satgaspam to track security issues," explained mountain climber who had joined in the expedition Indonesia - Everest '97 this. Galina reach Carstensz Pyramid summit with the Chinese team in the early years of this Millennium. Together with several civil and military climbers, they use the route via Tembagapura Timika to reach base camp.
If passed Nabire, a letter from Police Bakorstanasda and Irian Jaya should be reported to the police station and Kodim Paniai Nabire, both of which exist in the town of Nabire. Then last in Ilaga, all letters of recommendation given to the local Tripika (Ilaga), namely police, Koramil and sub-district heads.
But wait, the three leaders would decide whether or not to continue the expedition climbers. It all depends on the security situation at that time. If there is no danger that could threaten the safety of climbers such as tribal warfare, the climber can begin. Well that's a long list of letters of recommendation to climb the roof of Indonesia. Complicated and troublesome.Hertadi Mas Bambang, adventurers and seasoned long-distance cyclists, had thought better to berekspedisi to the top of Carstensz Pyramide, because of the difficulty of taking care of that climb permission. Paimo, Bambang close calls, preferring to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, the continent of Africa for the expedition in 1987. "Mending all the outside (the country), yet the cost and difficult process of licensing is relatively not much different," he commented Paimo time.
Most of the mountain guides, professional climber up to class amateurs, had to swallow disappointment. In fact according to them, a lot of foreign tourists who want to reach white snow in the tropics. Paradise Earth vertigo political problem is also undermining efforts to make the Carstensz Pyramid and Sudirman mountains as a tourist destination that could be the mainstay of Papua. For some people, Carstensz is a source of sustenance for itself and have a high selling price.
Scarcity of information about the two mountains that also makes the interest in climbing the mountain in Irian Jaya - mainly Carstensz Pyramide - have subsided in the middle of the road. Except, for the climbers that sufficient funding and experience. Not many books "output" their own country which is really telling the pleasure of adventuring to reach the roof of Indonesia. At most, only some form of writing the results of the expedition to get there.

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