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Sabtu, 04 Desember 2010

Wera Tourist Park

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Wera Park is one of the famous attractions in Central Sulawesi. At first, the existing tourism potential in this area is Waterfall Wera and secondary forest. In 1980, this area became a tourist park established by the Decree of the Minister of Agriculture Number: 843/Kpts/Um/11/1980 November 25, 1980, with area of 250 hectares. Geographically, this park is located between 1o2 '- 1o3' South Latitude and between 119o 50 '- 119o 51' East Longitude. The area is located at an altitude between 150 meters - 800 meters above sea level (asl) has a hilly topography and steep slope with a slope between 60% to 90%. Among these hills are steep, there is a narrow valley which is the river flow Wera.
The tourists can not only enjoy the cool air and see the beauty of water falling from the cliff with a height of about 100 meters. However, tourists can also perform a variety of exciting tourist activities, such as bathing or swimming in the river where the water is cool Wera; climb the mountain to the top of the hill in the vicinity of the waterfall while enjoying the beautiful scenery, camping on the flat area in the north and in top of the hill near the hamlet Ngatapapu; and photo hunting natural beauty around the waterfall and the surrounding community life.
The tourists can also witness the diversity of flora and fauna that live in this area. Flora that grow in this region, such as: walnut / ntoli (Canarium aspermun), Bintangur (callophylum sp.), Lebanu (nauclea sp.), Banyan (ficus benyamina), lei (palagulum javanicum), as well as some epiphytic plants, such as orchid soil, and nest fern (asplenium nidus). The fauna species that live in this region, among others: the black monkey (Macaca tonkeana), hornbills / allo (Aceros cassiddix), jungle fowl (Gallus Gallus), crows (Corvus sp.), Wild boar (sus colobensis), deer (cervus timorencis), blue parrot's head (Trichoglossus omatus), and yellow-crested cockatoo (Cacatua sulphurea).
For tourists who want to enjoy the atmosphere of a different nature, not far from the garden tour (about 2 km) there is a natural tourist hot water bathing Mantikole. The tourists can make this hot water bathing Mantikole a package tour with Park Wera, so that the journey of the tourists is more varied and enjoyable.
To achieve Wera Regions Park is not difficult, because there is asphalt road linking the city of Palu (capital of Central Sulawesi), with the villages around tourist sites, such as Balumpewa Village which is about 1 km from the highway. From Palu leading to the village, a distance of 19 km Balumpewa, can be reached by using public transport or chartered in about 45 minutes. Furthermore, from the village of Balumpewa to the location of the waterfall which is 2 km, can be reached by foot.

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