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Sabtu, 04 Desember 2010

Lamaru Beach

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Balikpapan Lamaru Beach can be reached in just thirty minutes from downtown with their own vehicle, but it could take a taxi an hour-Manggar majors Dam (taxi is the name for pete-pete in Balikpapan). For young children who prefer to ride motorcycles and a little racing-race, the trip can be taken approximately twenty minutes. By speeding, save time indeed; but be careful, after the airport road Sepinggan pretty noisy too, especially near markets and market Sepinggan Batakan afternoon.

From downtown to the beach Lamaru Balikpapan, we can get through and Iswahyudi Sudirman street, can also be via the Ring Road. The two lines met near the airport Sepinggan. Then we can along the straight path towards good enough or Senipah Semboja. Approximately fifteen miles from the airport, after passing through the complex's air force and several companies which were very popular in the world of mining, oil and gas that lined the sides of the street, there turn to the right. And after passing a gate "Welcome", unkempt and "checkpoint" where to buy entrance fee of Rp 1,000 per person, we will enter the road unpaved and bumpy. Well that's the way to the beach Lamaru.

This beach is quite long stretches about two miles from the direction toward Tertitip Batakan. At low tide, the vast stretch of sand toward the sea. With a very gently sloping contours and the sea is shallow with a sandy bottom about a few hundred feet from the shore line, this place during low tide can be a field to play ball, beach volley, or where a temple-candian sand. Along the coast Lamaru after a sandy beach, covered by trees that shade. Under these trees stalls or thatched palm leaves along the coastal road lined its coast Lamaru. Shops are generally selling food to the main menu such as chicken rice, soto banjar, or grilled fish which of course comes with a variety of different flavors of juice. What is interesting for fans of young coconut, almost all the stalls on the beach Lamaru sell a fairly fresh young coconut. With the money of five thousand dollars, you can enjoy the young coconut, it's up to want to use ice, sugar, or even with red sugar from Sulawesi.

These stalls also provide equipment needed by the visitors. If you like playing ball in the sand, the beach ball of the foot Lamaru already available for rent at corner stores, or also sold at the beach. If you want to swim in the sea, already available tires that can also be rented. Even to sit lesehan while enjoying boiled peanuts or corn, you can rent a mat measuring 2 × 2 meters only with the money of five thousand dollars and you can wear them until satisfied. If you could swim in the sea and have prepared a replacement clothes, behind the stalls there are a few wells of fresh water for bathing as well as small insulated chamber is simple to change clothes, sekatnya some of the old cloth banners. For Muslims, if you spend all day there, please feel free to borrow a corner shop to a place of prayer, or you may go to mushalla which is located near the exit. Anyway it was almost there!

What is unique is the boat on the beach Lamaru bike. Because of the shallow sea water and small waves of water especially during low tide, then the population of around Lamaru make a small boat that can be run in a way dikayuh like a bicycle. On the left-right or in the middle of this small boat propeller, or rather the mill, which is coupled with the pedal shaft earlier. With the pedal as when cycling, then the boat will move forward. Do not worry, the boat will not move straight ahead only, because in the back of the roll had been prepared as a referral. Anyway, the owner of the boat will accompany passengers to travel back to the beach. Funny thing is, there is no difference from the boats except the bike model and color alone, because almost all of them do not have names as well as small boats fishing in general. But the friendliness of the owners and the uniqueness of paddling in the water will tempt you to try it. By simply paying Rp20.000 for one round, you are with family and friends can ride this bike boat and will be invited around on the beach for a few dozen minutes.

There are several models of this bicycle boat. Based on the number of passengers, there is a bike with a passenger boat of about six to seven people, and there berpenumpang about three people, including pengayuhnya. To maintain balance and manipulate the speed, there are bicycle boat made of two bodies and some are using the side floaters that resemble the traditional boat Sandeq palatto in Mandar. Examples of bicycle boat made two entities are owned Mudir, a child who is still Bugis in one elementary school. Each home school, this kid will be back "on duty" at the beach Lamaru to drive a boat bike.

The number of boats on the shore bike Lamaru about twenty-five and generally their owners an average of the Bugis people (in Balikpapan, the Bugis are usually aimed at anyone who comes from South Sulawesi and West, so there are Bugis, Bugis Makassar, Bugis and others Mandar .)

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