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Minggu, 12 Desember 2010

Windujenar Market

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If you are shopping enthusiasts, Surakarta Windujenar Market is one right choice. Besides having a background of cultural history Keraton Solo, Windujenar Market is also a cheap location for shopping. For those of you who like shopping at the same time want to remember the romance of the past history Kingdom of Surakarta, come into this market.

Market Windujenar originally known as Market Triwindu, because this market is only there every once Triwindu or three tiger. When a tiger equal to eight years, the mean total, Triwindu Market held only once every 24 years. Historically, Market Market Triwindu Windujenar is a birthday present to-24 Gusti Putri Mangkunegara VII named Nurul Khamaril. Therefore, as a warning to-24 year or three tiger throne increase Mangkunegara VII, then in 1939 built this Windujenar Market. At first, the location of these markets are stable. This Windujenar market since July 5, 2008 has undergone refurbishment to match the architectural culture of Solo.

Traditional Markets Windujenar a sales center antiques. Initially, the seller here using the barter system by holding his wares on the tables. However, over the development period and the growing merchant advance, then since 1960 the traders set up stalls.

In this Windujenar Market area, also held an annual cultural arts festival that is famous for its Festival Art Market Panji. Javanese prince Panji trusted as an expert working out of art, music players, dancers, players play (ballet), writer of poetry, as well as exemplary figures of the past that developed environment in ways which are full of ecological value. Panji cultural values this Solo citizens taken for an inspiration in the preservation of cultural heritage and creative economy. In addition to cultural arts performances, the festival also featured an exhibition of photography on traditional markets in Solo.

A traditional markets and historical background Keraton Solo, really very special if visited and assessed. Especially in this market area will pop cultural arts festival which is closely related to the history of the market. Of those that enjoy traditional culture will not miss to visit during the festival or any time.

Windujenar market is one of the sites past which is still well maintained. Solo city government seems to want to make this market other than as an economic space but also at the same time as the space of art and cultural expression. In the context of cultural preservation, of this very special and your visit is one evidence of concern for cultural tradition.

Market Activity Windujenar starting from 09.00 s / d 18.00 WIB. This market is located in the Village Keprabon, District Banjarsari Surakarta. Or rather in front Mangkunegaran originally as the square of Mangkunegaran.

If you want to visit and enjoy the nostalgia Windujenar Traditional Market, then to achieve it quite easily, either when you use a private car or public. If using public transport, from the terminal Tirtonadi, Solo, you can simply ride tricycles or city transportation department last Windujenar Market down ahead of the market.

Market Windujenar provide some accommodation and facilities for visitors, which include market office, parking area, small mosque, toilets, security posts, firefighting facilities, means of loading and unloading goods, and the trash.

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