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Minggu, 12 Desember 2010

Tjoe Soe Kong Monastery

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Tjoe Soe Kong Monastery located on the Tanjung Kait beach, Tanjung Anom village, Mauk District, Tangerang Regency. The monastery was built in 1792. As a place of worship, the people of Confucius. The visitors came from within the city, outside the city, even from Malaysia and Singapore who visited regularly. Not far from the monastery complex there is Dwi Neng tombs and there are many pilgrims who visit.

Soe Kong Tjoe pagoda is located in Tanjung Kait Beach area, on an area of approximately 10,000 square meters. Chronology of the founding of this building is not known for certain. The concept of building a temple or pagoda is based on specific rules, as set out in the Buddhist religion. Not far from the location of this temple there is the tomb of Goddess Neng, champion Rahman, Aki Brosut and others. There has been an assimilation of Chinese immigrants to the beliefs of the natives.

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