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Jumat, 03 Desember 2010

Rafflesia Arnoldii Flower

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Arnoldii Rafflesia is one type of rare plants that only grow in the area of southern Sumatra, especially in Bengkulu Province. This plant was first discovered in Bengkulu in 1818, by a lieutenant of the British, who at that time was serving as Governor of Bengkulu, and Dr. Thomas Stamford Raffles. Arnoldy, a botanist.

By the Government of Bengkulu province, interest is defined as a symbol of the province. Because Refflesia arnoldii a rare plant, then since 2000 the Government of Bengkulu province set it as the plants are protected and must be preserved. In addition, since 2001, some forest areas are a habitat for Rafflesia arnoldii designated as a protected forest area.

The uniqueness of the plants that are also often referred to as this arnoldii Rafflesia flower is the absence of roots, leaves and stalks. This is due to the parasitic plant Rafflesia arnoldii on vines, and only stay in their host plant roots. The biggest part of this flower is five petals that surround the inside, which looks like the mouth of a barrel. At the bottom of the barrel-shaped section, there are stamens or pistils, depending on their gender, male or female Rafflesia Arnoldi. Separation of the stamen and pistil, making a foul-smelling flower fertilization is somewhat difficult. It takes the help of insects, wind, or water for Rafflesia arnoldii to flowering.

Rafflesia growth period commencing arnoldii old, can take up to nine months, and if the flowers are blooming, will only last for a week. So no wonder, not many tourists who are lucky enough to see the flowers that usually bloom in the months August to November. When in bloom, these flowers may have a diameter up to 1 meter, and weight can reach 11 pounds. This flower is going to release a smell that was pleasant, but the smell is the lure insects to approach the Rafflesia arnoldii, thus enabling conception to happen.

In Bengkulu province there are several places that become habitats Rafflesia arnoldii. One of them is located about 52 km east of Bengkulu city, namely in the area of Protection Forest Register 5 Bukit Daun, Taba Penanjung, North Bengkulu, Bengkulu Province. Protected forest area is located on the side of the highway Kepahiang Bengkulu City. Sometimes, flowers are blooming only about 5-10 meters from the highway. Thus, tourists can see the Rafflesia arnoldii are blooming from the side of this road.

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