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Sabtu, 04 Desember 2010

Penyengat Island

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Penyengat Island or in the Indonesian language is "Pulau Penyengat". The island became one of the historical tourist mainstay of Riau Islands Province - Indonesia. Stinger, derived from the word "sting" that kononnya in ancient times this uninhabited island that has not been visited by the fishermen / sailors to get clean water. One time there was a fisherman who is cool to take water, somehow fishermen chased by a group of small animals (like bees) who has a sting. Fishermen are running scared while shouting kata2 "Penyengat penyengat   penyengat." Since then, the island is known as the  Penyengat island.

The island is located only about 6 km of sea, or about 15 minutes from the town of Tanjung Pinang. Transportation used from the City to the island of Tanjung Pinang stinger is a small motor boat or better known as pompong, pompong may contain approximately 20-30 people. As a means of transportation on this island, we can use a motor rickshaw. The rickshaw pulled by a motorbike.

In the reign of Sultan of Riau, the island used as the headquarters of his government stinger ground wither. This can be seen from the many historical relics in the past. Apart from being the headquarters of government, the island fortress stinger also be leading in the Dutch colonial blocking attacks.

Riau is the famous Sultan Sultan Riau IV with his title of King Haji Fisabilillah. He is a national hero who defended the land wither in the war against the Dutch army. Stinger Island is also a dowry (dowry) of Sultan Mahmud who is the descendant of King Haji Fisabilillah to King Hamida Engku aka Princess. Nearly all the descendants of the kings of this island are buried. This we can see from the many graves of the kings in various places of this island.

Apart from war hero against Dutch colonialists, Riau Malay country also has a national hero in literature and the Indonesian language. Raja Ali Haji Riau so people know him. Raja Ali Haji is a poet known for his work couplets 12. 12 articles containing poems malay advice and teachings to all mankind to mutual respect, tolerance and do good to others. There are also messages of Islam that give teachings to adherents.

As one of the cultural attractions, things can be seen from the island Penyengat is the beauty of the Grand Mosque of Sultan Riau. Kononnya mosque is a palace built without cement. Its main ingredient is a brick made from clay and attached with egg white. Mosque was used for coloring egg yolks. As a result the mosque was still yellow until today. Indeed, for the moment pengecetan no longer be done using the basic ingredients of eggs. Locals said that, the mosque will never be filled, although used by many groups to conduct worship. As a palace tidah too pretentious, this mosque was the size not too big. Every Friday the many tourists who make themselves available to this dimesjid prayer, in addition to local residents of course.

Evidence from the center of defense during the war can be seen from the existence of a fort on the hill. Castle Hill is known by the name of Chair. As a center of defense, it has some fruit Benten cannon overlooking the sea. Guns are a very strategic location, which is ready to explode at any time if at any approaching enemy.
One more relic of history that we can visit is the Balai Adat. Balai Adat is the place where the paraphernalia king and the princess. Hall is also a site of the wedding aisle. According to the local community, under the hall there have a well that has a clear springs and from the former up to now the size of the water is never diminished one bit.

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