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Rabu, 01 Desember 2010

Park Square Kapuas

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Visiting the city of Pontianak certainly not complete until they’ve been coming to Park Square Kapuas. Although malls, cafes, and various other entertainment centers are mushrooming in the city of Pontianak, the level of tourist visits to the Park Square Kapuas not declined. In fact, after a massive renovation in 1999, the rate of tourist visits to the park near the mayor’s office is increasingly showing a significant increase from time to time.
Its location is strategically located in downtown Pontiac to make this park as one of the favorite recreation place for city people to off fatigue after working all day or just for inspiration.
In the afternoon, while standing on the edge of the fence the park, visitors can enjoy the beauty of the Kapuas River and passing the take across the passenger boat. Visitors can also enjoy the exoticism of this region while sitting on the stairs that are on the banks of the river (waterfront) by dipping a foot into the Kapuas River. The atmosphere is perfect if done with family or friends while drinking tea or coffee. It would be more exciting again when the visitor to enjoy the beauty of this area while eating meatballs, boiled peanuts, satay, roasted corn / cob, and other snacks are being sold along the street traders in the region.

At night, especially at weekends or on holidays other times, visitors to these parks and more. Sitting Lesbian groups, visitors can enjoy the charm of this area, see the lights coming from people’s homes across the river that emit bright light or lights that cross the river water motor.
The atmosphere of night life and more romantic with the presence of singers who brought the songs that were hits with the accompaniment of a dazzling guitar or friction lilting violins. Visitors can ask them to sing favorite songs by giving tips modest.
When bored, visitors can enjoy the other side of the park by renting a motor water to surround the park area or try some stunt game that provides a packet of cigarettes or a bottle of syrup as a gift.
On certain days tours are held regularly agenda, such as kite festivals, painting exhibitions, exhibition of ornamental plants, stage entertainment, and cheap market.
Kapuas Square Garden is located at Jalan Rahardi Oesman, District of West Pontianak, Pontianak, West Kalimantan Province, Indonesia.
Kapuas Square Park is located in downtown Pontiac and traveled by public transportation route, so visitors can access it easily from all corners of the city of Pontianak. In addition to the transportation of the city, visitors can also access the park by taxi.

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