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Sabtu, 04 Desember 2010

Parai Tenggiri Beach

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Tenggiri Parai Beach is one of the tourism assets of the islands of Bangka Belitung province. The beach is located in one corner of the island of Bangka, precisely in the city Sungailiat. Tenggiri Parai Beach has white sand, swaying coconut, calm waves, the spread of granite.

At first, people Sungailiat call this beach as a beach Hakok, then as a beach Tenggiri. Parai Beach Tenggiri is the most beautiful beaches parked right at the east coast of the island of Bangka. Since the first when he was called Hakok, this beach is the most popular area for dikunjunggi by the local community. There is lots of rocks on this beach, like a very beautiful natural decorations. This beach has sebauh resort with 4 star hotel that is Parai beach resorts. It is the only beach tourism destination of international bertarap farts proud island. Almost all facilities are available, ranging from accommodation, restaurant, bar and grill, café, swimming pool, even sports and leisure.

At the left end of the beach, there is a cluster of rocks in order to slick and on call Rock Island. In the evenings, guests can relax while enjoying great food and drinks bar, while listening to the waves that hit the rocks without stopping. Access to get there via a bridge with lighting the lamp along the edge of the right and left. Visitors can walk to the Rock Island while enjoying the ocean view and sound of the waves.

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