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Sabtu, 04 Desember 2010

Merak Belantung

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One tourist area is a mainstay in South Lampung Belantung Peacock. Travellers Krakatoa Nirwana Resort became the crown region. However, some people's recreation areas are also available.

Peacock Bay niche Belantung blue sea was like the desire closer to the population. Clear water that hang over the area with white sandy shoreline. Unfortunately, at the end of the niche there are buildings that surging coastal ponds that cut an oval shape a beautiful beach.

This area is a major tourism area in Lampung. Located at Kilometer 45 jalinsum Kalianda, this area located on the right side of the direction of Bandar Lampung. The distance of about three kilometers jalinsum with smooth asphalt road membelasak nan beautiful grove.

The signs that the region as a tourist area is a place signage on vacation and travel, as well as government slogans about tourism. There are several outdoor media that reminded about the seven basic attitude Saptapesona welcome tourists. Logos are also welcome on the declaration of 2009 as the year of the tour to visit Lampung (Lampung Visit Year 2009) with the slogan of your home his second.

Entering the street, some beaches for family recreation (Leasure) has been welcomed since the first mile driveway. Among other Great Beach, Beach Peacock Belantung, Sapenan Beach, and several more. There are also several privately owned resorts among the haves. And, Travelers Krakatoa Nirwana Resort to "menu" of the region. In the past, the resort with four star equivalent hotel is named Kalianda Resort is owned by a businessman from Kalianda, Bakrie through Bakrie Group.

The existence of some of these attractions to accommodate all the entry area. For those residents who simply want to enjoy the waves, play sand, catch the wind caress the sea, ate together in the cabins or under a tree, or swim (Leasure), get into some people's entertainment venues with several options along the road.

Fun games that can be enjoyed by nature in a location that provides beautifully. Position at the inlet of sea water in the bay make this beach is relatively safe for children to swim. Although still have the adult supervision.

Sea facing the islands make a big plaza already conquered before tossed beach. However, the clarity of the water at this beach is still quite awake.

Views towards the sea is also not after dealing with the ocean beach. On the beach front position, look flashed City Kalianda through transmitter-transmitter communication tool and a few buildings visible. To the right direction, although not seen directly, Mount Anak Krakatau accessible eye if the weather is good. If interested, there is a mission trip to the mountain which is active throughout the year by speedboat.

In the run locations was generally simple as letting the natural ambience of excellence. However, some hostels and facilities managers are also prepared.

At certain moments, especially moments turn of the year and holidays, package managers entertainment package with some fanfare as a selling element. No wonder if the days off like that, tourism is the mainstay of South Lampung dibanjir visitors from out of town, even from outside the province.

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