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Rabu, 08 Desember 2010

Marlborough Castle

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Marlborough Castle is one of the historical attractions that are owned by the city of Bengkulu. Marlborough Castle is a British heritage at the beginning of the 18th century was built by the East Indian Company (a British trading business the biggest in the archipelago at that time) for approximately six years (year 1713-1719) under the leadership of Governor Joseph Callet while in power in Bengkulu. Overall, the building resembles a castle tortoise is standing on the land area of approximately 44,100 square meters and facing toward the south.

Marlborough Castle is considered as a relic of Britain's biggest in Indonesia. Although the background is the construction of this fortress for defense / military, but over time, Fort Marlborough and then also used for the benefit of trade. The fort was used as a place of coordination for the smooth supply of pepper for the British trading company, the East Indian Company, and central monitoring shipping lanes that pass through the Sunda Strait trade.

fort that was once used as a place of detention Bung Karno is also used as a residence by British military officials and personnel East Indian Company. In the British Library records, in 1792 there were approximately 90 civilian and military personnel living and working in this castle. Functionally, the fort was ultimately more like a shelter in a small town rather than the center of military defense or trade office. This can be seen from records relating to marriage, and death, which is still contained in this castle.

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