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Jumat, 03 Desember 2010

Kerinci Lake

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Kerinci Lake has an area of 4200 hectares with a depth of 110 m and is situated at an altitude of 783 meters above sea level. The lake holds many species of fish. Semah Fish is the most popular type and is an endemic fish. Lake Kerinci is located in two District of Kerinci Lake District and Lake District Mobile.

There are several interesting locations in several villages around the Lake Kerinci, namely Pesanggarahan Areas where we can see the view from the top of Lake Kerinci, Cape Bung Hatta Hatta is the place to enjoy the panoramic view of Lake Kerinci and plant trees there, there Seleman Village Houses Laheik which is a typical house Kerinci , and in the village of Middle Island are Dolmen Batu Keramat Mosque King and Middle Island and around Kerinci lake there are a number of carved stone megalith suspected human heritage.

In each year, the Lake Kerinci Lake Kerinci Festval held a variety of attractions featuring local art.

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