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Senin, 13 Desember 2010

Betang Tumbang Gagu Houses

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Houses Betang Tumbang Gagu built in 1870 and among the highest in Kalimantan because of distance from the house with lands reaching five meters. Betang house is located in the Katingan Regency

Privileges Betang house tumbles Gagu can be seen from the side of architecture as well as the symbolic meaning. Because of these attractions appropriate to understand the customs of the population of Central Kalimantan.

One thing that is interesting about this house is a ladder that deliberately not permanent so that can be raised and moved into the house at any time

In the past, the life of Dayak tribes who resided in the interior of Borneo that live in groups. Where is the life they lead must be passed along, it was manifested in a work that is, Huma Betang (House Betang).

Betang has unique characteristics can be observed from the elongated shape and have only found a staircase and entrance into the Betang. Stairs as a means of connecting to the Betang called hejot. Betang built high from the ground surface is intended to avoid things that are unsettling the occupants Betang, such as avoiding enemy that can come suddenly, the beast, or the flooding that sometimes hit Betang. Almost all Betang can be found on the outskirts of big rivers in Kalimantan.

Betang built typically large, can reach 30-150 feet in length and width can reach about 10-30 feet, has a pole that is about 3-5 meters. Betang built using high quality wood materials, namely ironwood (Eusideroxylon zwageri T et B), in addition to having forces that can stand up to hundreds of years as well as anti-termite.

Betang usually inhabited by 100-150 people in it, was certainly an atmosphere that is in it. Betang arguably the home tribe, because in addition to in it there is one big family who become residents and led also by a Pambakas Lewu. In the Betang divided into several rooms occupied by each family.

On the front page usually contained Betang hall as a place to receive guests as well as traditional meeting place. On the front page Betang in addition there can also be found sapundu hall. Sapundu is a statue, or totems, which generally in human form that has a distinctive carvings. Sapundu has a function as a place to tie the animals to be sacrificed for the ceremonial procession. Sometimes there are also patahu Betang page that serves as a house of worship.

On the back of Betang can be found a small hall called tukau used as warehouses for storing agricultural equipment, such as lisung or Halu. In Betang also there is a place that serve as weapons storage area, the place was called bawong. On the front or the back Betang usually there are also stumbled. Stumbled is a place where the bones of the dead and the family has gone through the process tiwah ceremony.

One of the Dayak tribe habit is that raising animals such as dogs, birds, cats, pigs, or cows. In addition to wanting to care for dogs, Dayak tribe is also in desperate need of a dog's role as a 'friend' the faithful at the time of hunting in the woods belanntara. In times past the Dayak tribe has not ever want to eat dog meat, because the Dayak tribe has considered the dog as a faithful companion who always accompany especially when in the forest. Because it considers dogs as part of the Dayak tribe, the dog was also given a name like a human.

Very unfortunate as the modernization of the buildings today, Betang now almost at the end of extinction, whereas Betang is one form of manifestation of a spirit and togetherness Dayak tribe. Maybe later Betang will truly extinct but it is our responsibility to the ancestors to keep the spirit of Huma Betang. We must realize this in itself would have sense to keep fighting the culture of their ancestors.

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