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Jumat, 10 Desember 2010

Baron Beach

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Perhaps this is the famous Coast to foreign countries, because access is fairly easy to get there and the facilities provided fairly complete. The journey begins from the City Wonosari to the south, if you use a personal vehicle (motorcycle, car) is not a problem but the content of your fuel used at the nearest gas station before heading there, because after termial Wonosari southwards find difficult at official stations are mostly roadside gas station, but if you use public transport you have to wait for the south terminal, find the majors Madang or Baron, who ditawarkanpun reasonably priced fare around 7000 sd 15 000 one-way, a view which we'll get beautiful enough interesting and unique. we will be treated to the beauty of the area karts and small hills exotic, exciting course of winding-Kelon akrena and unique as you will find language that might sound pretty weird in your ears. after a journey of about half an hour or 23 miles you will see a welcome portal, if you use a private vehicle do not forget to provide money for an entrance fee amount depends on the vehicle you use and the number of loads you carry. after that you will be confronted with fork in the road, if you want to Baron beach you must take the right direction for approximately 10 remenit you will be faced with the Coast baron, you can simply check in at the nearest hotel or inn looking for, then please enjoy the scenery outside usual, there is a mix of sea and river water so there is some flow of fresh water and some salty water and partly brackish, you are allowed to swim in fresh water but hati2 there was a lot of deep trench can be up to 12 meters, if you want adventure, and over the hill you can Barata parangrucuk or there is an area on the hill top is also quite beautiful, if you want to go to another beach that is Kukup you just walked on towards the east through the hills and discover the incredible beauty there, the sea is still blue at all, and even you can catch ornamental fish are quite beautiful and pretty.

Stomach problems or culinary, do not ask again, there is special food that is pecel, unlike in other areas pecel pecel here really makes us addicted, with vegetables that are still fresh, cheap price, and bean sprouts first class you will be addicted to make, not to mention sambelnya sunguh delicious, because the baron is a beach, of course sea food warehouse here, from fish to lobster menu is available here, you do not worry about all the food here is guaranteed delicious and cheap but good quality, scenery indahpun will be felt at night, incredible beauty, the faint nyangian waves and fishermen (the majority of singing songs of Java) would make us as if it was in the clouds. curious please stop by the Beach Baron.

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