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Rabu, 01 Desember 2010

Asam Kumbang Crocodile Park

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When the Medan do not miss visiting one unique place that is breeding Crocodiles Crocodile Park is located in the village of Medan Beetle Acid, District Medan Selayang, Medan. Crocodile Park is owned by Lo Than Mok, who has more than 2,600 alligator tail who started maintenance since 1959.
The area about 2 acres, located about 10 km from the city center. If we want to go to Crocodile Park area, so any visitor entrance fee of Rp. 5.000, -.
In this garden, we can see breeding crocodiles, ranging from new born up to the age of 50 years. Crocodiles are accommodated in small pools to large ponds are adjusted to the age of each crocodile.
Usually, visitors see the crocodile through the TV, but when it comes directly to the Crocodile Park, it will see clearly the real crocodile. There is a feeling of fear when he saw a huge crocodile size and canine teeth are sharp. Each visitor is reminded to not put his hand on the edge of the pond, avoid terkaman crocodile in the pond.
Visitors can post these crocodiles eat, in the form of a chicken, which can be bought in this area for Rp. 30.000, -. Immediately after a chicken thrown into the crocodile pond, then within a matter of fast, the crocodiles will soon devour him.
In Crocodile Park is provided also for the visitors, the tents to rest while enjoying the surrounding air teduhnya Crocodile Park and merchandise beverages and snacks can be purchased to relieve thirst and hunger around the park after this.
It turned out to take care of maintenance of crocodiles there are some keepers who devoted care of the crocodiles are at the same time even train them to do attractions. Visitors will be presented with a wonderful attractions including a variety of attractions that we wanted.

Curious to know the existence of crocodiles in person, do not miss when they are in Medan, North Sumatra to stop by and take pictures as a personal documentation. It would be fun and broaden our tourism.

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