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Rabu, 15 Desember 2010

Arab Village

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This is the Arab village in Surabaya, East Java. The village is situated in two districts. Namely District Semampir and Tandes. Located approximately ten miles from downtown Surabaya.

If using a motor vehicle, this village can be reached in about an hour from Surabaya. As the name implies, in this village community living Arab or Middle Eastern descent, mingled with the natives and citizens of other newcomers.

About 40 percent of the residents of this village are of Arab descent. Therefore, people with typical physique Middle East, there are many here.

Dwelling people of Arab descent can be easily identified. Their house has distinctive features, with two doors and two supporting pillars, and the terrace in front of the house.

A small door is for the homeowner and their family members. While the large doors of the gate is a door for guests.

At the front of the house there is a bathroom dedicated to receiving guests. The host can not use this bathroom. Their livelihood mainly as a merchant.

They sell various kinds of goods, ranging from clothes, perfume, tools of worship, until the fruit kurma.Keberadaan people of Arab descent in this place is inseparable from the history of Sunan Ampel, who is of Arab descent.

Sunan Ampel come to this area of Campa in the early collapse of the Majapahit Kingdom, around 1400 BC, along with Arab merchants.

Hashim family still has a relationship with Sunan Ampel. Until now he still remains firmly maintain the culture of his ancestors.

Female family members are not allowed to show themselves in public. Includes highlighted camera. Ampel area can be regarded as the forerunner presence of Arab descent in Indonesia.

Since the Arabs first came to Indonesia to this area, together with Sunan Ampel. The family of Arab descent who live in this village is the family Habib Mohamed. This family is more open.

Habib inherited this house for generations. In this place he lives with his wife and their children and grandchildren. Everyday she works as a teacher and also sells honey and Arabic coffee.

Family Habib Muhammad was a devout Muslim. Almost every day, this family activity is always filled with reading the Quran, and pray.

In terms of appetite, Habib family is also not abandon the tradition of his ancestors, namely rice kebuli.

The rice is made of rice mixed with spices and goat meat is a special meal this family. Kebuli rice usually served at dinner together is done in such a special place hall.

In terms of looking for a mate, like other citizens of Arab descent, Habib still adhere to the tradition of his family for generations.

Only boys are allowed to marry with another nation, while girls can only marry a fellow man of Arab descent.

Times may change, but tradition heritage should remain enforced. That principle held by citizens of this Arab village. They will continue to maintain that tradition until the end of time.

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