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Kamis, 02 Desember 2010

Anyer Beach

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Anyer Beach is located within the administrative region Sub Anyer, Serang regency, Banten province, Indonesia.

Anyer Beach is widely known as an attractive tourist place since the 1980s. Its existence as one of the Seven Wonders of Banten (Seven Wonders of Banten) and the location is not too far from Jakarta, making this region emerged as one of the favorite attractions at this time. Moreover, the Government of Serang and Banten provincial government has committed to develop into a leading maritime tourism in Indonesia. This is proven by the various support facilities are relatively complete and representative in the region.

From shore, visitors can enjoy panoramic ocean blue background is also blue horizon. Wide sandy beaches and clean comfortable making this area used to perform activities of sunbathing and making sand sculptures, or doing sports activities, such as beach volleyball and beach football.

Water clear and clean sea is very supportive of the activities of visitors who want to swim or dive. Anyer beach ocean waves are relatively large and is home to many fish, so that appropriate arena once used for surfing and fishing areas.

Enchantment of sunrise and sunset, and ditingkahi by sea birds and occasional low-flying fish grabbed along the coast, increasingly confirmed just how special this area. Visitors can perceive these beautiful moments of the shelter-shelters, park, tourist huts, or from the boat that runs slowly on the beach.

When tired of being on the beach, visitors can enjoy the panoramic beauty of the upper Anyer Beach lighthouse contained in these kawasn. Visitors can also rent a bike for around Anyer Beach area while searching for interesting objects to be photographed.

Jakarta Anyer Beach is about 160 kilometers with a travel time of about two hours. While the city of Serang, Banten province capital, Anyer Beach is about 35 kilometers. From Jakarta, guests can take the Jakarta-Merak toll road and exit via the motorway West Cilegon. Then, proceed toward the direction of Anyer. Various signpost easier for visitors to reach the site, whether using the bus or the use of private vehicles. Visitors can also access the beach by train Anyer majors Jakarta-Merak.

Beach area is also equipped with optical filber network to access the internet and good communication networks and international long distance, so that visitors can establish communication and keep track of the outside world.

Lined street hawkers and stalls along the beach tents, as well as restaurants and restaurants that offer a variety of menus, provide many options for visitors to eat foods that are in accordance with her wishes.

Various other facilities are also available in the region, such as tourist information centers, tourist guides, coast guard, garden and secure parking area, children's playground, arena, sunbathing, swimming, camping ground, tourist huts, shelter-shelter , center for gift and souvenirs, diving equipment rentals, bike rentals, and boat rentals and boat speed.

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